embidio System

The easy way to start your pilot tests.

The pre-configured voice assistant forms an ideal basis for an uncomplicated and quick start of new ideas and projects, which can be validated by pilot tests.

The embidio system is a voice assistant with numerous functions. Thanks to a 10 inch touch display, stereo speakers, a microphone array as well as LED lighting, you can realize individual voice assistants for your applications. Through the connection to the embidio cloud platform and a preinstalled wakeword, the embidio system is directly ready for use.

Ready to launch

Interact with embidio via the built-in microphone array and stereo speaker system.

An 10-inch touch display and LED lighting allows you intuitive control with a modern design.

The built-in embidio hardware connects to the cloud dashboard, through which you can configure your voice assistant.

Ready to listen

Easily and intuitively document your results and ideas.

Don't get lost in paperwork anymore.

Best of all, you have complete control over your data!

Ready to connect and play

Connect with your family and friends.

Enjoy a full range of entertainment options.

Take time for yourself.

Ready to help

Stay connected to the world in your own personal way.

Decide which applications and information are relevant to you.

Focus on what's important to you and let embidio schedule your appointments.

Hardware specifications
  • Download embidio System specifications

Product Benefits

  • Time advantage with the all-in-one solution

  • Full control

  • Easy start of your pilot tests

  • Cloud compatible

  • Reach out to your customers

  • Create a unique assistant and develop great applications

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