Gastronomy and catering industry

Digital ordering systems and self-service terminals adding touch-less voice technology

Digital ordering systems are already creating new forms of customer interaction in the ordering process. These systems can now being decisively enhaned once again with the help of artificial intelligence and expand to include a virtual ordering assistant using voice technology. Central management of product data can be used for cooking recipe and allergy management, menu or inventory management which are just a few of application possibilities to use data in the catering industry.

  • Reduce ordering time
  • Expands the offer
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Upsell potentials
  • Increasing revenue
  • Enables contact less communication

We help you plan and build your next catering products with human interaction and voice technology in mind.

Meet your smart digital gastronomy assistant

  • Powered by embidio Hardware and Cloud from divVoice
  • Digital ordering assistant for multiple orders without waiting time
  • Digital avatar for gamification of the ordering process
  • Increase usability for accessibility
  • divVoice GmbH

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