From ordering assistants to self-service terminals.

Maybe go for a cocktail after shopping? What if in the future your guests no longer have to wait for a waitress but can order instantaneously and independent from any service personal? One such application is Ordivia for the catering industry. This allows guests to communicate and order via special table modules with an integrated voice assistant. All orders are received on a central service terminal. There, the service staff can see, accept or even listen to order requests if they have not been automatically identified by the system. Thanks to the integration of modern signal processing algorithms, the application-optimized design and the connection to control systems, Ordivia has created a system that reliably accepts orders even in the noisy environments.

  • Reduce ordering time
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Upsell potentials
  • Increasing revenue
  • Enables contact less communication

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Meet Ordivia - The smart digital waitress

Powered by embidio Hardware and Cloud from divVoice.

Digital ordering assistant of the future.

Digital avatar for gamification of the ordering process and entertainment for waiting customers.

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