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Empowering nurses and caregivers with the gift of voice

At divvoice, we believe in the power of voice to empower nurses and caregivers in the delivery of patient care. Our embidio Nano, embidio Hub, and embidio System offer a range of solutions that can help you implement voice assistance in your nursing, patient care, and elder care services, providing numerous benefits, including

  • Improved communication and coordination: With voice assistance, you can improve communication and coordination among nurses and caregivers, ensuring that patients receive the right care at the right time.
  • Enhanced patient engagement and satisfaction: Voice assistance can help you engage with patients and their families more effectively, providing personalized care and support, and improving their satisfaction.
  • Increased safety and security: Voice assistance can help you monitor patients and respond to their needs more quickly and accurately, reducing the risk of accidents and errors.
  • Reduced workload and stress: Implementing voice assistance in your nursing, patient care, and elder care services can help you reduce administrative tasks and paperwork, freeing up more time for patient care and reducing stress.

Empower your nurses and caregivers today with our smart voice-enabled devices. See how they can help you improve communication and coordination, enhance patient engagement and satisfaction, increase safety and security, and reduce workload and stress in the nursing, patient care, and elder care industry.

“For our voice assistance project VIVAIcare, we needed a device that could keep up with our innovative standard. In divVoice, we found a partner at eye level. We particularly liked the fact that divVoice gave our project wings with its own design ideas. The coordination and interaction were very pleasant and, above all, easy from day one. Many thanks for the commitment, the high quality and the uncomplicated cooperation!”
Thomas Horster-Möller, Chairman of the board of

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Build AI-powered assistants to support in daily life, medical care and elder care.

Measure and monitor vital parameters of your patients and family members.

Make better decisions and improve life with supportive digital technology.

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